Friday, December 24, 2010

Because there is a reason I don't believe in the apparent Almighty!

There is no God!
It's true.
Never was, never will be.

So I look rather nice in winters, thank you very much. On most days, anyway. My hair behaves, my kajal stays, my 'slimming' clothes and colours do well, my scent is beautiful.. et al. So out of the two and a half months of Delhi winters, I look presentable in at least two, to say the least.
Does Ross meet me everyday? 
But by some twisted humour of God (*rolls eyes*), which is the day that I bump into him? 
What's special about today? 
My unbelievable shabbiness!

So my mum's salwar with the most unflattering kurta teamed with an old friend's older sweatshirt doesn't exactly add up to 'pretty'. I have always been at more than peace with the way I look, even on my unabashedly ugly days. But not with himmmm!!! Our entire relationship at the present date is based on nothing but major manipulative power plays. It's sad I know. But amidst all our cute talks, cheesiness, talks, hugs, kisses and more; it's all about maintaining the upper hand!
The looking ugly bit isn't that much of a problem with me, really. Until, he says it.

"Why're you dressed like that today? You looked great in the morning! And that sweatshirt makes you look fat!"
So if there were an award for 'Things You Cannot Say To Anyone Ever', he would've won it.
After a very nice half an hour that we spent, he did it again.

"How much have you been smoking? Your lips have become dark!"
 Kill me now!! Was I on drugs when I was with him?? Like, why would he say these things out loud.?

Anyway, we had a great time, like always!
I hate that I love that bloody bastard, still. How long has it been man? Really now!
I hate that he makes all his crap okay the second after its occurrence with the simplest of things! 
Some cute messages, today :) :)
That Bitch!
*Insert almost-pissed-but-also-blushing emoticon here*

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