Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 03 - A picture of you and your friends.

I just realized I do have a life. And blogging has become a major part of it.
Am I happy about it? Yes? No? Can't say.

Blogging is the new Facebook ( It caused me physical pain in the heart to type that!). I blog before and after I have to go out of the house. 


Goa, 2010.
Best Trip Ever.
There's a story behind the picture; which Trishi and I are remembering for a long time, I think.
Oh Yes, I have a lot of friends and cannot even begin putting up picture with each one of them.

I love This Goa Song, for some reason.
Not so much for the music or feel or anything, but the words; it's ABOUT Goa.

L-R : Trishi, Rits, Di, Me :) 
Camera Shy (read : Picture Taker) Preeto.

If 'Sex and the City' were based in Goa, we're all getting the leads.
Me: Samantha. 


  1. Samantha. Me likes. Very much.. :)

  2. @Isha- I do too. But my wound shows. :|

    @She- I think I do too. Not that she isn't fabulous( to say the least!),but she's 50 and alone. S-o-o meee. Sigh