Monday, December 20, 2010

La La La...

What happens when you have a laptop that is all yours and you do not need to share it with anyone?
- You become a Facebook whore!

What happens when you have a laptop that is all yours and you do not need to share it with anyone but you're off Facebook?
- You blog. Many many times, so.

It's just sad. Earlier my 'lack of life' on most days didn't come on the surface as much because the day at home was spent on Facebook. The fact that the Facebook chat sucks and I don't go online there, I really was on it all day for the purposes of voyeurism alone.
 It was through my stalker tendencies that I would think,comment (even if in my head) and feel sadistic satisfaction.
Yes, I am a very lame person.

Now I am a 'full-on-blog-person'- whatever that means! I feel unusually opiniated about most things and out of the lack of having anything else to do, I blog.
Jaya thinks it's cool. What does he know, anyway? Sigh.

You know how the common want of all people you know is great hair? It's true. Everyone wants great hair.
I do too.
I want my hair to look like sex;
not like I-just-had-sex, you know?
YOU *Good English* .You're nice at the things you do. Really Really Nice.

I have no clothes, by the way.
Or shoes.
Or kajal.
Or money.
I am poor.

And bored.



Reading a blog and not commenting is like winking to a really hot guy in the dark.
It's pointless. The hot guy never feels appreciated. Ya. So.
^^ I read a version of this somewhere and made a mental note to put it here. :P

Also, I have never really understood the phenomena of winking, really. There could be so many possible interpretations to it.
The world and its ways.

P.S- Not.Blogging.Tomorrow.For.Sure.


  1. Hum gareeb hai!
    *virtual high five*

    Anyway, you writing everyday really is pretty good.
    Keep writing, you.

  2. The best part about the high paying and ridiculously boring job - always, ALWAYS supply of kohl :)

  3. @Isha- Mujhe ameer hona hai. And me writing everyday is lame. I am becoming one of 'those'. Sigh. You won't get my hassles. Nobody does.

    @she- Trade lives?

  4. Exact feelings.
    Just that I'm not off facebook yet.

  5. Just that you're not even blogging anymore!

  6. That's 'cause I wasn't home.