Friday, December 10, 2010

"P.S... Guess what? "

I think you are finally put under the same header as 'Grown Ups' when your mother officially allows a drunken marathon of a House party at your house and voluntarily chooses to stay away for the day!
Greatest Party Ever?
I think so.

Few reasons why I am going to remember this for a while...

  • It was at MY house :D
  • He-Man came :) :) :) And helped me clean later and was, I think, the only 'sober' guy at the party.
  • Jaya and Preeto might win awards for Absent-ism
  • I have a hickey from the party and the who/when of the matter remain unknown.
  • I had to un-clog my sink off Denzil's puke *throws up a little*
  • I got very high
  • It's been only two days since, yes; but people haven't shut up about it yet so yay. 
The good life.
It would have been even better had life included slight dozes of studying, less mental complications, very little melancholy, Niharika, great food, no body weight, lots of money, less classes, more winters, no stalkers..
I am half serious about the last one. Stalkers make me feel important.
Yes, I am a lame person.

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