Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Even though it's anonymous, it's still ominous

Anonymity could easily be a virtue.

I understand how one might think it is a sign of lack of courage. But let's face it! Who is that brave, anyway? Haven't we all, at some point or the other, wanted out?
Don't most people have the power of invisibility as one of their (hypothetical) three wishes?
I think anonymity is a weapon, really. I get how it's ethic may be questioned based on how one might want to hold  a point of view and yet have nothing to do with it but I think everyone does it every once in a while. The good old "Don't tell her/him I told you, okay?" is nothing but a tiny quest towards anonymity. Plus, there are those things that you want to tell people; special people; but you can't because it is too much of a truth. Wouldn't you love for you to be able to say it to them, without them knowing you did? Of course you would.

Think about this : Choosing not to be anonymous makes one just as much of a 'liar/fake' as never having it in one to say what one feels, because one has to use one's identity.

I like this concept of 'identity-crisis' sometimes. Well, I like it when it is not a 'crisis', per se. I think it would be pretty cool to go name-less and identity-less every once in a while, if not all the time. In 'Through the Looking Glass' by Lewis Caroll, (which is a sequel to Alice In Wonderland, by the way), Alice reaches the 'Wood without names' and finds love in a Fawn. I think it's beautiful how they fall in love regardless of their lack of names. It makes one wonder of the metaphoric value here. The lack of names, labels etc make for good co-existence. It's only when they step out of the wood do they become aware of their differences, courtesy their gaining back of names.

I know I am transgressing. I am just soo dreamy right now.

I would like to believe that my blog is fairly anonymous; though I happen to go to and fro on that stand.

Anyway, I think being anonymous is pretty cool. And though I am an extremist when it comes to honesty and its essentiality , I think 'anonymity' paves way for a broader spectrum of points of view, as it were. It is just as valuable a thought, if not more. I understand how people might take undue advantage of the privilege; nevertheless, it's impact, power and influence shouldn't be underrated or underestimated.
I am reminded of this quote I read somewhere. I think it was by some Professor in some University.
It goes:
"Even though it's anonymous, it's still ominous."

Very sleepy now.
I know I hardly make sense anyway; more so when half asleep.
Good Night.

P.S: I think it's only fair that I include a little 'shout-out' to SHE. :) You make me smile too much.


  1. :) :) :)
    You make me smile too hon! :)

  2. Virtue is only when its not wicked :)

    /A M.S (AnonyMouS)