Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I got inked today :)

I still maintain that the most negative aspect of getting a permanent tattoo is, ironically, it's permanence. One can't hate or love anything or anyone forever. 'Forever' is intimidating.

Tattoo-making hurts like hell, yes.
But it makes you realize how pain is serene.

Like they say, "pain is temporary, pride is forever"

I don't know about the 'pride' bit yet, but the pain is going away.
The pain from today and that day.

Still gives me the chill though.
But I'll live :)


  1. Awesome!!!!!
    I demand a picture! :)

    I know I will love my tattoo forever, dont ask me how, I just know it. :)

    Oh yes, pain is serene.

  2. I told you, it will take time maybe a hell lot of it,
    the pain will go, it has to, its like being in comma,
    you don't know wen you'll surface but you know you will.

    lot of love :)