Thursday, February 24, 2011

Because I got high.

That awkward moment when you are convinced that if pricked, rum is going to flow out instead of blood.
Yes, I spend way too much time on Facebook.

The week that was has had it's share of 'moments'; good, bad, public and some not so. The points of revelation were :

  • Being Home-alone is EPIC and totally manageable. Makes you responsible.
  • I am an alcoholic. For sure.
  • I don't take well to emptiness/loneliness on drunk nights.
  • Crying is relieving. 
  • Ross and I are going to die trying outdo each other.
So spent some nights home, did some unmentionables amongst others; spent some nights out, did just as much amount of unmentionables and then Mum got back. I think I missed her a little bit too. It's only when you don't have something staring at you in your face do you realize its importance.

Yes I am as uninspired to write as uninspired gets. Lots on my mind, I guess. So without further attempts of stringing some vague words into apparent sentences, I leave you with- 

Happy Drinking. I miss my Old Monk(s).


  1. I have phases with my drinks and my smokes. Weird.
    Crying gives me a stupid blotched up face and a red nose. And it also gives me a mother fucking headache. :|
    I never liked rum so much.. tastes funny :P

  2. Because you're a loyal whiskey drinker.
    Rum <3 <3 <3