Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where the truth lies.

People lie because of their reasons. The reasons that make perfect sense to them, anyway. But the most common excuse for lying is because one 'cares'. I don't buy that at most times.
Then of course there's the great shield of the 'little white lies' that don't hurt anyone, apparently.
I'm no preacher who's going to go out of her way condemning lies and saying that she has never lied in her life; because that'd be a lie. All I am saying is, lying isn't cool and is so much harder than telling the truth. Also, how does one remember all the stories and little details that go behind backing up each lie? The sadder part is, most people I know don't seem to be taking as much offence about it. They see it as a part of life. 
I guess they're right too.

However, you know how there comes that one time when C really likes B and A is obsessed with B and you find A lying to B stupidly, in A's quest to keep B away from C?
As twisted as it is, C ends up feeling oddly at peace somehow. C likes the idea of C being important enough to cause someone to lie.
No points for guessing who C is.
Yes, it's me.

Us Sadistic Hypocrites...


  1. The situation is sad.
    But there's something weirdly funny about it, too.

  2. hehe :D
    It is kinda funny the situation is.. if B knows you, and likes you too, what C says wont make a difference!!

  3. Oh! Should I be mentioning that in the whole A-B-C scenario, C doesn't have any..err.. sexual/dating feeling for B? Also, A isn't particularly wanting to bed B. I think.

    I feel like a 10year old!
    Bah! Such pointless rambles.
    Well, at least you find it funny :/

  4. Like you said,lying makes sense to the people who're doing it,not to the ones on the receiving end. :S

    I'm surprised C didn't punch A in the face.I would've. :3

  5. I can't. Physical violence has just never been my thing.