Friday, May 20, 2011

To those days.

This one is to those days that are like today.
When the futility of life doesn't bother me too much.
When I hardly prepare for the exam I am to take the next morning.
When I don't see the need to feed my only OCD, that is, bathing.
When I don't contemplate the miseries of my life or my worker-like feet.
When I don't get pissed with the world's happiness.
When I wonder why the use of handcuffs as kinky doesn't work for me.
When I want to get into bed just when most are getting out of it.
When I refuse to learn anything new and not only out of arrogance this time.
When I smile foolishly at the things I know are meant to last.
When I don't need each one of my smoke rings to say something to me.
When I don't mind when people don't take my insults to them personally.
When I understand my flaws and don't hate the idea of correcting them.
When I feel too lazy to even breath but know that it isn't laziness.
It's probably peace.

I am happy as a child, I think. 
Bring Me Flowers. Talk For Hours :)

I Was Always A Cool Kid :)


  1. reminds me of a song "be safe"..The Cribs

    there are other things i like about your blog...but i feel too lazy to type..I know you'll understand:P


  2. Too lazy to type? Unaccessible blogger account? What are you? Cleopatra? :P

    You're forgiven. You know? 'cause it's one of Those Days :)

  3. wishing you better days :)
    ,nothing significant but a proof of my non-Cloepatraness
    t.y fyi on my profile being inaccessible,will look into why Blogger hates me.

  4. Ilove the picture. :)
    Your hairstyle is THE shit. :P

    Guess we all have days where calling shotgun doesn't really matter,eating what Mom wants you to is fine,even Navy Cuts will suffice.

    Oh wait,Navy Cuts suck no matter what day it is. >.<

  5. @BzapBunny- Hey! The Hairstyle is the side fringe of the early 90s, okay? :P
    Navy Cuts = Never.

    @ZeBa- :)

  6. The one who keeps saying sorrySunday, 29 May, 2011

    You picture is aww.

  7. @The one who keeps saying sorry- I AM SOOOOO EXCITEDDDDD :D :D :D :D :D It's like this is your mark here. Wee =)