Wednesday, March 21, 2012


You don't have to love me...
throw me, bite me, hurt me
push me, fuck me, abuse me
look at my ugly face and spit on it in anger
or ignore me when I am talking to you, ever so deliberately
make remarks about my soul, if you will
cheat on me just to tick me off
be out to get me, lie or deceive... it hardly matters...
You don't have to love me...

You don't have to hate me...
hug me, kiss me, love me
catch me, fuck me, forgive me
dream about you, I and us to sleep
light up at the mention of my name like it's your favourite in the world
tell me superficial things about my beauty like you mean them
you could get intimidated by my presence sometimes
or let me notice you noticing me, every time you do
feel blessed just to be a tiny part of my fragile attention span... it hardly matters...
You don't have to hate me...

Either way, I need you to be obsessed with me.


  1. hahahahhah, you^^
    I try not to fall in love with you, and just read your poetry.

    1. Obsessively, might I add.

      And I'm no poet, man. Just saying :)

  2. Oh Man!
    This is really good.. :)

  3. I sense anger and resentment.
    And arrogance.
    This is extremely 'you'.

    1. And for that you'd have to know me? And for that I'd probably have to know you.
      So, reveal identity man! The chase is getting tiring.