Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2nd of April. Then and Now.

On the second of April last year, I drank lots and India won the Cricket World Cup.
On the second of April this year, I drank lots and I kissed the woman of my dreams.
It's funny what alcohol can do to make magic!

Today is not the second of April anymore.
Today is the third of April.
Today my University Exam Date Sheet is out.
And it's nothing like kissing the woman of my dreams.

Maybe I need more alcohol in me to make it through...
You know? 'Cause it makes magic and all...


  1. I feel cheated. Especially today.

    1. Areyy...
      We are still gonna get it on. Kissing and getting it on are different things.
      Kiss :)

  2. Thou shall make it through

    *blows kisses*

  3. Whoaaaa !
    Are you swinging both ways now?
    WHOAAA !
    Are you not doing men anymore?


    1. Whoaaa! I've shocked you a hell lot, apparently. Who are you, again?

      And I'm no pendulum. I don't 'swing'.
      Also, you make it sound like I have been 'doing men' for recreation. And like I've been doing very many. Seriously. Wtf is wrong with you?

  4. I don't remember what I did yesterday! But then that can be blamed on well.. stuff. Also, doesn't 'Second of April' have a nice ring to it. :) [still love me, yeah?]