Monday, December 17, 2012

Let's Do It.

Let's do it? 
Let's do it. 
Why? What's so funny?
It's nothing you've not seen before. It's nothing we haven't done before. 
Then why can't we do it right now because I want to? 
Why does it have to be such a secret?
Oh of course
We can only do it when the lights are out, when the neighbours are quiet, when the dog is fucking asleep! 
I am your dirty little secret 
I could tarnish that little 'perfect boyfriend' image you have going on for you
No going 'I'll take you to the candy shop' on my ass, huh? Doesn't work for you? No?
Only going at it under the garb of alcohol mostly? That's your move? Yes?
It's not particularly fun being a mistress; but I guess that's not the point.
Not that I know what the point it.


  1. Let's do it? If the sex is good then yeah why not indeed? Let the lights be out, let the neighbors be quiet and let the dog sleep. I don't want anyone to know either. It's just me and you and the earth shattering, mind blowing sex. I, for one, feel extremely powerful to know that this guy wants me, and he has something between those sheets with me, than he can NEVER even hope to have with his blondie. And ofcourse the fact that I can walk away from him once its done with as much ease as lighting up a cigarette afterwards.

    All of this can only be good as long as I stay the hell away from emotions. One of them being wanting to mess whatever fake life he has going on for the world to see. If I start feeling that way, then it's time to get the fuck out of the shenanigans and run as far away as possible, because I have already messed it up..

    1. But then won't the messing up thing become a pattern eventually? You will always know that all you're capable of is major fucked up-ness and messing up. No?

    2. Speaking from experience, that I should probably not be very proud of, after a while you just learn to master the art of keeping your mask on. Of a seductress, a mistress, a closet friend, a fuck buddy, a smoke partner, a dope partner - whatever you want to call it. Someone who doesn't give a fuck if you pick up and leave, or if she has to pick up and leave. I guess you reach a point where messing up happens only on the insides of the mind and heart, that is offlimits to EVERYONE.

      And then one day someone comes into the off limits zone. Sigh.

      Yea I am a closet romantic mistress, bite me. :P :)

  2. It's a bit difficult trying to sympathize with a mistress

  3. Isn't it?
    Or maybe you're not trying hard enough.
    Or maybe the mistress can do without the sympathy in the first place...