Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This Post.

I'm probably 27 days too late to be doing a new year post. So I won't. 

This is not a new year post. This is a 'new year, same old shit' post.
This is a post that'd get me back to blogging, hopefully.

You're not wronged. Oh no, sir.
Between the sheets with people with their soft skin pressing against yours. 
Their warm breath fell on your cold face.
You spoke about starry nights and winter mornings.
You joked about ending up together.
Of course, you didn't believe it or anything.
Of course, you're not stupid or anything. But it was nice.
Nice is nice.
It's close to a decade maybe. You both have survived. Together and apart.
You know each other and you don't; all at once. But it doesn't matter. It's nice.
Nice is nice.

This is a post that records the fact
...that the love of my life is engaged to get married to someone who isn't me,
...that the current apparent love in my life just can't let me be or go.
...that the two aforementioned persons aren't one.

I think I secretly wish that they were.

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