Friday, July 10, 2015


We were fairly young then. Old enough to show off our elder siblings' prowess to our friends, but too young to have any of our own. I was never quite part of the show off group back then and I think I have no one but my brother to blame for that.

Anyway, I remember we were sitting in the school field and Mokshita and Ananya were fighting over the result of a Science experiment their sisters (who happened to be classmates in the 11th grade) had performed. It was to test which toothpaste is stronger - Colgate or Pepsodent. I don't remember the details of this conversation or the experiment, but I do remember that both the sisters (young and old) had derived different results from the experiment. It was then that I thought that Science, like everything else, may or may not be absolute at all times. Both the toothpastes must be similar and the results probably differed based on things that were unfathomable to the human mind. This might just be a fact.

Years later, my brother was visiting. I was fairly old then. Young enough to feel inadequate about myself, but too old to show it. I think we had Colgate (or Pepsodent?) for toothpaste. He randomly said we should get Close Up instead because it's not white and dull and the gel thing is better for the teeth.

I then realized I may have more in common with my brother than is accounted for - we both make up facts.

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