Monday, August 24, 2015

Choosing Your Family.

Write! It really is that simple!

I guess I do this without even realizing. Who can I possibly blame for this? A family that was a little too "practical" for its own good?

I sometimes feel that I, subconsciously, go through life trying to find someone I can be a sister to or a dad who'd be ideal for me, You know how they say you choose your friends, but your family you're born into. I think I'm sometimes trying to choose the latter (not taking away anything from the brilliant one I have!); with great failure, might I add.

A man came into my life a few months ago in a work capacity. We got along well enough for two professionals and were comfortable enough with each other to share funny life anecdotes from the past. I don't know when it happened exactly though, but I feel sometime between a story about his grad days and our last shared cigarette, I started looking at him differently - as a father father figure.

Months later I woke to the rude shock that I may have, in some weird way, overstepped. 

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