Saturday, November 28, 2015

I'm Definitely Blogging Again!

So I spent my Sunday morning reading some very old posts on this blog. What it did was that it took me back in time. I smiled about things I hadn't in a while, I thought about people I'd blocked from my memory, random incidents came back to me and then I realized - I need to document my life again - or the lack of it.

My blog turned 5 in Feb this year! Happy birthday, baby. I love you. I really do. 

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  1. I literally *just* came back to my blog a couple of days ago (not to revive it or anything, just thought about the people I used to follow, the person I used to be etc.). Anyway, came here just now and its ... surprising to see you back too? I think? I don't think I am going to be around for much.. but HEY! Hope you have been good. :)